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Botanical Conductive Gels for Salon & Beauty Machines Body and Face Gel

Botanical Conductive Gels for Salon & Beauty Machines Body and Face Gel

The latest and greatest beauty treatments in salons and spas, like RF (radio frequency), microcurrent, galvanic, ultrasonic, HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound), and cavitation, all require a conductive medium for performance. But which one is the best?

Can I use the same gel for all of them?   Now, don't get me wrong, any ol' ultrasonic conductive gel WILL do for the technology to actually work and transmit the energy into the skin. But, is an all-purpose gel really what I want? That was the question I asked myself every time I squeezed my medical blue gel over my stomach while performing at-home cavitation treatments. It looks like blue jello. Albeit, a pretty cookie monster shade of blue, but um, what's in that stuff? I've recently been hyper-sensitive regarding toxins since the age of menopause has entered and I know that hormones affect weight loss and skin elasticity. I'll take any help I can get. It was at this point, that I began my journey to finding the perfect cavitation gel.

I was looking for a natural alternative conductive gel.  I tried to make my own conductive gel from agar agar, a plant-based gelatin made from seaweed. I thought, what a great idea! I'm not afraid of DIY projects. But, wait, what a pain!  First, you have to mix the powder with water at just the right consistency. Which I never found. sigh It was a mixture of watery globs of gel. I put it in the blender, and that was a little better, but it still slid over and down my abdomen...and onto my sheets. It was a disappointing juggling act. Besides all that, the leftover gel needed to be refrigerated. Exhausted yet?

Next, I tried aloe vera, a natural conductive gel. That's a nice thought because it is easy to find and pretty inexpensive. However once I tried it, I thought it dried out too quickly and needed to be reapplied frequently throughout the treatment. It also didn't leave my skin feeling very pampered. Instead, it was a little sticky. The search continued. I looked on popular internet retail sites, and the choices were overwhelming and not very helpful. The only indication of quality gels seemed to be the price. Popular, "quality" gels were going for over $80 for only 8 ounces. Now, I don't mind coughing up the extra bucks for the face, but what about body treatments? That 8-ounce bottle would only last a few treatments if that. After much research and lots of whining, I finally found what I consider the holy grail of conductive gels. Olissa Beauty makes two botanical (angels singing) conductive gels.

The conductive gel for the body, called Olissa Beauty Cavitation & RF Body Gel, is designed for RF and cavitation treatments. What makes it special? I'll tell you. It has slimming and anti-cellulite properties in it. Get ready for this ... it contains caffeine, artichoke, L-carnitine, and centella asiatica. Are you excited yet? Well, you should also know that these active ingredients triple (Yes, Triple!) the effects of slimming treatments. Hallelujah! I know I can get carried away at the mention of some beauty ingredients, so, sorry about that.

Once I tried the body gel, I just had to give the facial gel a try too. The facial gel is called Olissa Beauty Radio Frequency Facial Gel.  It has anti-aging, moisturizing, and lifting treatment properties so you don't feel bad at all about putting it on. In fact, you can smile knowing that it includes the facial goodies: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, Organic Silica, and Aloe Vera.

I have tried and love these gels by Olissa Beauty. They are the perfect consistency, they spread beautifully and they don't dry out easily or need a lot of reapplying. I feel good about the ingredients and don't feel like I need to wash them off right after a treatment. A quick wipe will do to keep it off your clothes. Well, my quest for the ideal conductive gel has ended for now. Although, I did hear something about a conductive cream, not a gel, that piqued my interest. I will let you know what I know when I know it ... please check back.

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Non-Surgical Arm Lift: Fix Batwing Arms Without Surgery

Non-Surgical Arm Lift: Fix Batwing Arms Without Surgery

What is an alternative to a surgical arm lift?

As people age, their skin loses elasticity.  One area that becomes of great concern to women is the arms. When arms lose tone and get flabby, they have unkindly been referred to as batwing arms because the skin hangs similarly to a bat's wing. It is especially noticeable in sleeveless shirts or sundresses. If you look forward to cooler weather so you can cover up your arms, you might have even considered surgery to tighten this skin up. Having surgery and cutting off the excess skin of your arms is not always a desirable or viable option.  The expense can be at least $5,500 and the recovery time is 1-2 weeks.  There is, however, an alternative that is much cheaper and requires no downtime or recovery at all.  The answer to a non-surgical arm lift is radio frequency treatments.

How does radiofrequency work?

Radio frequency shortens the fibers of the skin stimulating collagen and causing a trigger to the repair of the collagen. The result is firmer, lifted, tightened skin. Batwing arms can be fixed without surgery in about 8-10 treatments.  Spas and salons offer packages from $800-$1,200. And is completely pain-free!! There is no downtime at all! The treatment is actually very warm and soothing.

Is there a home remedy for bat-wing arms?

There are affordable and portable home units for under $600 that also include cavitation and vacuum therapy. This RF only portable machine is under $300.  It is also excellent for skin-tightening facials. Each painless treatment takes about an hour and there is no downtime.  In fact, the treatment is simply warm and comfortable, and very relaxing.

In order to benefit from RF treatments, you need to use radio frequency conductive gel. You will also only need about half of an hour a week. In order to get the best results, speak to someone at www.SkinCareMachines.net or 803-999-SKIN (7546) to receive free training.


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Let the Light Shine On Me! I Love My L.E.D. Lights!

Let the Light Shine On Me! I Love My L.E.D. Lights!

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a tried and true therapy for beautiful skin. It was invented in 1962 and in the 90's NASA developed LED to produce a very narrow spectrum of light, allowing for the clinical application that we enjoy in spas and salons today.

Each color emits a different wavelength and each wavelength has a different depth of penetration. At each depth, a different process takes place. Simply put, this means that you can analyze the skin condition, and then choose the appropriate color to address the concern.

  • Red is rejuvenating as it increases the production of ATP (a biochemical fuel that delivers energy to the cells for rejuvenation.)
  • Blue kills bacteria, is anti-inflammatory, and is perfect for acne or sensitive skin.
  • Yellow corrects photo-aging (premature aging from UV or sun damage).
  • And the list goes on and on and on.

Research studies have shown that modulated light has been more effective than continuous in some treatments while continuous light is good for others.

Light Therapy Can Do Anything

  • reduce pores
  • lighten dark circles,
  • delay aging
  • tighten the skin
  • reduce oil production
  • It can even treat skin conditions such as poison ivy rashes!

The best part is, you can't mess this up! Every color has benefits for the skin and there are no side effects or downtime. LED treatments produce no heat effects. It is a completely painless treatment and the benefits actually last for about a month. The results are maximized with regular use. Just like any beauty routine, your results will continue as long as you do.

LED Lights at Home

The most effective LED treatment is a consistent one. Thankfully, there are home units available to make it the easiest do-it-yourself treatment around. But how to pick one? There are actually soooo mannnyyyy lights out there. Many salons have opted for table shields or standing lamps. There are also wands, masks, and helmets, oh my! You can even get a tanning bed of LED lights to rejuvenate your whole body. Yes, please.  But don't be fooled! Manufacturers from overseas make several models that look exactly the same yet have different wattage or have a different number of lights, meaning quality can vary. It can be so confusing. You really do get what you pay for with L.E.D. therapy.

Get one here! All you need is twenty minutes a week, a place to recline, your iPod, a hyaluronic serum or mask, and you're all set for a relaxing home treatment. Results show up in about 3-4 days and continue to get better.  Any questions? Call us today at 803-999-SKIN (7546).

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It's All About That Bass! Butt Enhancement Vacuum Therapy for Your Salon

It's All About That Bass! Butt Enhancement Vacuum Therapy for Your Salon

Everyone wants a bigger booty these days.

It's just not so much about the boobies anymore. I am not saying beautiful breasts are no longer an asset, but the butt has certainly taken center stage. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have helped to bring the focus to the backside. Procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift are growing in popularity.  The procedure entails removing fat from another body area with liposuction, filtering it, then transferring it back into the butt cheeks to provide fullness and the desired round shape. Complications and cost of surgery plus the downtime (and pain) can be a deterrent for many who desire a lifted and enhanced butt. The solution? Vacuum cupping therapy! This is an affordable, no-risk, no-pain, no-downtime, no-side effects alternative.

When performing Butt Lifting Vacuum Therapy, What Happens?

The clinician first gives a type of massage with a cupping suction device that massages the fibroblasts and tissue in the client's legs (or other fatty areas) and pulls it up over the butt cheeks. Vacuum therapy is simultaneously used to help release the toxins and boost the lymphatic circulation. Often, the addition of infrared lights helps to tighten the skin. Then, large cups are placed simultaneously over each butt cheek and left there for 30 minutes. At this time, the tissue is actually being pulled and moved into place. The results are a lifted and rounder butt.

Should I get a Butt Vacuum Machine for my Salon?

In short, absolutely! The versatility of this machine is worth every single penny! This is going to give a real boost to your salon services. Once your clients fall in love with their derrière, they'll be sure to keep coming back for maintenance. And when their friends find out, they'll come too! The services that can be provided with a vacuum machine include:

  • Butt lifting and enhancement

  • Traditional breast lifting

  • Muscle stimulation and relaxation

  • Cellulite and fat breakdown

  • Toxins elimination

  • Lymphatic drainage improvement

  • Restored skin elasticity

How Long Does a Vacuum Butt Lift Last?

Well, initially, only a few days. But, as with most beauty therapies, the more you do, the longer the results will last. You can expect to notice a difference within 4 treatments, then after 12, you can switch to a maintenance schedule. The results will stop when you do.

Which Butt Lifting Vacuum Machine Should I Get?

This question is answered simply by how much you can afford to spend. Really. The range is from under $200 to over $2000. And you do get what you pay for.

Skin Dermotherapies Butt Vacuum Traditional Kit - 3The best one on the market is the Skin Dermotherapies machine. Hands down! It is extremely well made and the molded cups are very comfortable for both the technician and the client. There is a special mold for the moving of the fat and another mold designed for cellulite and toning. This can cost around $1800, but is a luxury machine! This is for spas and medical offices when only the best will do. It is made in Columbia. And Columbia knows all about beautiful butts.


A much more affordable around $460 butt lifting machine is the Hands Free machine. This is the more common butt enhancement machine found, likely due to the price point. It includes more cups than you'll likely know what to do with. They are sold everywhere. Be careful who you buy it from. Most sellers are from China and cannot offer customer service. If something breaks, you will be very frustrated.

  • 3 sets of enlarging cups,
  • 3 sets of scrubbing cups
  • 3 finger cups
  • 6 sets of facial cups for acupressure

Boot Business Game Changer

This is the non-invasive cosmetic body procedure of the decade! And people will only become more and more aware of this service and start seeking it out. Get your salon machine today and begin offering this service! At skincaremachines.net, we offer free training and a lifetime of customer support. Call us for a consultation 803-999-SKIN.

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What is the Best Conductive Gel for a Microcurrent Facial? I tried 5

What is the Best Conductive Gel for a Microcurrent Facial? I tried 5

I tried 5 Microcurrent Facial Gels

Microcurrent Facial devices require a good conductive gel. Now, you can use any ol' transmission gel, and it will send the current through your skin. But, when you are dealing with the face, you might be a little pickier like me. You might prefer a gel that is a skincare treatment and conductive gel in one. You might want to know, to really know that it is also good for you. So, I'll briefly describe my impressions of the five that I have tried.

Here's what I think:

  1. Cskin: My first impression is the color. It looks like blue jello. It is a medical grade gel (great, I want it to work) but seems a little too clinical. It didn't bother me when I used it for body treatments, but I was a little apprehensive about it going on my face. NO special ingredients to fight aging or for skin health. It worked well enough, but I did have to reapply gel several times as I felt it drying out. I really looked forward to washing off.  Just not something I liked having on my face. C+

  2. 7E Wellness Restore Conductive Gel: This is full of all that you want in a facial product. Green Tea, Neroli, Collagen Peptides, Copper, Seaweed Kelp, and Zinc Minerals. I just love that list of ingredients! However, it did lose points for sticker shock. A small 4oz. jar was a whopping $27 plus shipping. At first it doesn't sound like a lot of money until you see how much you're getting. I used it up in about 2 months of regular treatments. B

  3. Le Mieux o2 Calming Gel: This gentle gel is a treatment that does not need any rinsing. I love that I can just rub it in when I am done my treatment and I know the hyaluronic acid is doing its thing all day. It is perfect for sensitive skin as well (I have Rosacea). The ingredients are also wonderful (Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, White Tea Extract, Carrot Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract.) No parabens, no sulfates, which is great, but there is fragrance. And that is disappointing. It's a super hydrating gel, but it needed to be reapplied. The price isn't so bad at $20 for 6 oz. B+

  4. Olissa Beauty Radio-Frequency Gel: This gel has a nice viscosity, perfect for conducting microcurrent, radio frequency, galvanic and ultrasonic treatments. I barely had to reapply, but my favorite part is the age-fighting ingredients. There's a nice high percentage of Vitamin C (20%), Hyluronic Acid, D.M.A.E, Sodium Pyruvate, Organic Silica,  and Aloe Vera. My face was hydrated and glowing. At $89.95 for a big 32 oz jar, its a great price. This is 8 times the size of the number 2 product in this list. I will probably have this same jar for a year. Paraben and Sulfate Free, Made in USA. A+

    conductive gel, conductive cream, preciouswave, precious wave cream, radio frequency gel, microcurrent gel, ultrasonic gel,

    5. Precious Wave Conductive Cream Gel:
    Not really a gel, this cream has some special ingredients as well. There's Hyaluronic Acid, Glycogen, and Plankton Extract which are all good for you. What I like best about this product is the texture. It's super satiny and lasts for a long time. There was no need to reapply, which I really like. Although this was $99.95 for 500ml, I ended up using much less in treatment than any of the other gels. Made in Italy. A++


Here are a couple of fantastic choices that will leave you with glowing, hydrated skin that is overall healthier and younger looking. 

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It's Electric! EMS Machines for Body Sculpting

It's Electric! EMS Machines for Body Sculpting

EMS Machines for Body Sculpting

What does an EMS machine do?

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) can shape the body making it more toned and sculpted in about 20 minutes a few times a week.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s analyze the science and why it isn’t!

The Science:

EMS training is a gentle treatment added to gentle exercising, so there is no pain or downtime. It enhances the activation of the muscles to a level beyond exercising alone.

In fact, the results are much better and well rounded because EMS activates even the muscle parts that you are not engaging due to the lack of perfect form. When you get into a habit of poor form, some muscles stay less developed and others take over. The weaker muscles practically disengage because the work is being done by another muscle set. For example, the older we get, the less we use the glutei, leading to a flatter behind. The quads are doing more work. They compensate. This imbalance can leave the joints vulnerable to injury.

During a typical workout of most typical people, only 30% of muscle fibers are activated. Add in EMS technology, and that increases to a whopping 90%! This means a shorter and more intense workout will deliver better results.

The scientific processes of EMS:

  • Sends electrical impulses to stimulate muscle fibers in the deep tissue

  • Increases the stimulation of blood flow which boosts collagen production

  • Assists the body in the elimination of toxins

  • The stimulated contractions help the lymph system to drain.

The Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation, EMS

  • EMS builds muscle and raises your metabolism, while burning calories.

  • As you lose fat and build muscle, you can actually sculpt your body and cause a body composition change.

  • The increased metabolic activity causes more fat to burn and reveal the toned muscles that the EMS treatment has built.

  • The muscles that lie under the subcutaneous fat are more developed, causing more calories to burn and even more fat will be burned while in the body is in the resting state.

  • EMS takes one to the next level of fitness and body sculpting!

The Effects of EMS on Cellulite

EMS was originally used as a therapy to provide muscle rehabilitation and reverse muscle atrophy. The effects on cellulite were simply accidental.

Cellulite plagues 80-90% of all women. Although it is harmless, it is not aesthetically pleasing. The skin is lumpy and textured instead of the smooth taught appearance that we all want. It comes from fat deposits squeezing through the connective tissue beneath the epidermis. These connective fibers are structured similar to fishnet or a chain link fence, leaving lots of little holes for fat to push through. Men, on the other hand, are more fortunate. Their tissue is constructed more like a picket fence, so fat doesn’t have the same lumpy formation.

Because we store toxins in our fat cells, it is more important to eliminate the toxins to reduce the appearance of cellulite. EMS can assist this action, but several other factors must be addressed as well. Diet, genetics, hormones, alcohol, smoking and stress are all contributors to the storage of toxin in the fat cells. Non-invasive technologies such as ultrasonic fat cavitation, radio frequency, cupping, and laser light are helpful in decreasing the fat, which helps to decrease cellulite. But EMS is the one that tones the muscles while squeezing toxins out. Best of all, EMS can be used in conjunction with any or all of the above therapies.

Electric Muscle Stimulation Treatments

The most common type is a machine that looks similar to a tens unit. This machine has long wires with either a sticky pad or silicone pad set connected to both positive and negative charges. They require accurate placement on the muscle group.

  • EMS is FDA-approved for cellulite treatment
  • Shown to increased collagen
  • Results in a smoother appearance

Some spas offer EMS treatment, but we haven’t found there to be enough. Why? Well, this is definitely not the typical relaxing pampering treatment most people look for in a trip to the spa. The treatments are slightly uncomfortable, yet bearable. It feels like an electric current is going through your body because, well, it is. This is for salons offering serious body sculpting services.

The good news is that EMS machines like this one cost only a few hundred dollars and can really take your fitness routine to a whole new level. It takes only 20 minutes a few days a week.

Whether you own a salon or you’re just thinking about whether EMS is right for you, Please call us today for a free consultation at 1-803-999-SKIN.

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So You Want to Start a Body Contouring Cavitation Business

So You Want to Start a Body Contouring Cavitation Business

So You Want to Start a Body Contouring Cavitation Business

Non-invasive Body Contouring has become the fastest-growing body beauty service desired in salons and spas. Although these treatments have been offered in Europe for over 25 years, it has just now finally become sought after here in the USA. Many people are seeing this as a new business opportunity for body slimming and contouring that can be done as pain-free, with no downtime, and no recovery procedure. Often, the treatments consist of Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo Pads, and Body Vacuum therapies that slim, lift and tighten the skin. These are a great pain-free alternative to liposuction or Cool Sculpting, both of which require medical professionals. The market is huge for this business venture. So, let's get started.


What Does the Law Require for a Body Contouring Business?

The question I get asked most when someone wants to start a cavitation or body contouring business is: "What are the legal requirements for me to do this?" or "Where can I get certified to start a cavitation business?" The answer is not that simple. Every state has its own regulations. Most regulatory boards are currently unaware of the technology of cavitation and therefore, have no regulations as of this writing.  However, it is wise to acquire some kind of certification that is offered at some private schools. Some states require an esthetician's license or laser certificate of some sort while other states will require a medical professional to oversee your business. This does not mean medical staff must literally be on the premises, but you would essentially be hiring them to hang their license on your business walls.  They would be someone that you could consult. Some doctors or nurses are willing to do this for a fee just as long as they feel comfortable and confident in you and the technology.  However, Class 1 lasers often have no need for a special certificate to operate. To summarize, you will need to do your homework if you want to start a body contouring business. Please check with your state for the regulations before moving forward, as this article is not meant to give legal advice. You can begin by searching my state regulatory boards. Each machine will have a laser class code. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3B, and Class 3R are most common in cavitation machines and other body shaping equipment. Ask your retailer which class their machine is before buying. This will give you assurance that you are operating within your legal boundaries.

Which Services to Offer 

Skin Dermotherapies Butt Vacuum Traditional Kit - 2

One very important decision to make is which services you will offer.  So, you'll need to consider a few things. Who is your clientele? Who is your competition? Find out what services are being offered in your location. Then offer something else! Offer something complimentary, something new and different to stand apart. One caveat though: cavitation is still king! Everyone needs to have at least this one imperative machine to start a cavitation business because it offers the most demanded functions in body contouring: fat reduction and lymphatic drainage. Once you get this machine and the proper technique down, you can always add services to your business menu. Here are just a few of the other services to look into:

*Butt Lifting/ Breast Lifting

*Cellulite Reduction with Vacuum Therapy or Wooden Tools

*Pressotherapy- With or Without Infrared for Fat Reduction and Detoxification

*Lymphatic Drainage Massage

*Muscle Building/Toning with HiEMT or EMS

*Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency (for Body or Face)



How to Pick a Cavitation Machine

We already determined that a cavitation machine is an obvious must-have in order to start a body contouring business. That begs the question, which one to invest in? Firstly, consider your budget. You're going to want to get the best you can afford. Quality counts! There are so many imitation machines all over the internet. You will want a brand name over a generic model. Find a seller that you can talk to on the phone. You want to be sure that their customer service is excellent.  Do they call back? Do they reply to emails or texts in a timely manner? These are important talking points.  Keep in mind that depending on which machine, you could make your money back in only a single customer's contract. Usually, a contracted package is a minimum of 12 sessions. At $100-$150 per session, your first customer will yield a $1200-$1800 income. After that, it’s all gravy (no fat pun intended).

Now, there are tons of machines out there with lots of extra functions and what I call overkill.  All you really need is the ultrasonic cavitation head, a radio frequency head, and a vacuum.  That's the basics.  Most machines already come with all three. The most common bonus feature is the laser lipolysis paddles. Many have a few sizes of radio frequency handles so that you can do the face and smaller body parts as well.

Many machines are sold with many more functions. There are two schools of thought on this: 1. More is not always better.  2. I want to try all of the functions that I can get and incorporate them into my routine. Let's look at the first philosophy. Too many functions in a machine means more can go wrong. I would rather have a few simpler machines than one complex one. If ever there is a problem, I don't want to wait for repairs; I want to keep on working while it is being repaired. So, I don't suggest you count on one machine for everything. Another consideration is that while you are working on one function, another machine can be working on another. For example, cold laser paddles or Ruby Laser Lipo Paddles on a multi-function machine will not operate while you are using any other function. Each function operates consecutively, not concurrently. I recommend that you start with a simpler machine and then add other machines for better quality control and to keep you from being at the mercy of only one machine. Now, if you were agreeing with the second thought, and want all you can get, I will say this: That is a fair consideration, and I agree that the deal is better with an 8 or 9-feature machine than say 6 different machines. And why not try them all at once?  This all goes back to your budget and which services you want to add. Either way, you will eventually want to get a backup machine anyway.

cavitation 40k vacuum rf multipolarWhat could go wrong? Well, anything! Cavitation machines are electronics after all. That means anything can go wrong and it’s not easily fixed in a minute. There are lots of little wires in the machine and especially if your machine is portable, moving it around could cause something to get loose. It is recommended to find a home (cart) for your machine and keep it there. However, if the motherboard goes bad or something else needs to be repaired, you don't want to interrupt your clients' series by waiting until it is made right. Most machines come with a one or two-year warranty. A reputable seller will promptly replace or repair your machine. Ask if they provide this service. The handles and screens are considered consumables and will need to be replaced occasionally. With good care, you can avoid this expense.

Next, you need to decide which frequency you want. The power considerations, in decreasing order, are 40K, 30K, and 27K (most powerful). These parameters tell you how low the ultrasonic frequency is, and the lower the frequency, the stronger the power. 40K is the most common frequency. I think most people understandably think the higher number is stronger. That is simply false. A 30K is stronger than a 40K! And 27K is stronger than 30K but is reserved for medical professionals. The market is flooded with 40K cavitation machines and that is why most businesses have it. And there is nothing wrong with that. Most schools also teach on a 40K machine, so most estheticians feel comfortable with the same. Select a 40K or 30K. Here are some of my favorites!

PRO TIP: Look for a machine with synergistic handles. I can’t believe I almost forgot to reveal this amazing feature in some machines. It allows for two functions at the same time, saving almost half of the time of a traditional treatment! Look for machines like the S Shape Cavitation Machine.

Location Location Location

Today, there are so many more options for starting your own cavitation business than just opening up an entire spa or salon, which is a huge undertaking. I am going to suggest three simpler ideas here. The first option is leasing a suite. Popping up everywhere, these individual suites are for rent in strip malls and old office buildings. These buildings offer a single room to stylists and beauticians of all kinds. They lease either week to week or month to month. They have an appeal because of privacy (only one client can come at a time) and maintenance (the building manager handles all the stuff.) The second option is a home-based salon. You can turn an area of your home into a studio. Just check with your township for any registration regulations. Finally, my personal favorite option is a mobile salon. If this is your plan, you will need to be sure to have a large enough transport to take your supplies including a massage table. This is a little more work, but if you have a clientele wanting home visits, they will pay very well for the privilege of staying home!

What to Charge for a Cavitation Treatment

This is the absolute most common question I get asked when someone is considering a body contouring business. Here is how I respond: What is your space like? Do you have a medical spa atmosphere, or are you working in the back of a nail salon? Your location, your clientele, and your atmosphere will determine what you can charge for your services. You feel me? Again, I say to look at your competition. Find out who in your area is charging what, and then formulate your prices from there.

Call a Consultant Today

If you are considering beginning your own body contouring business, call us today at 803-999-SKIN for a consultation to help you select the best machines to get you started. This business is as customizable as your imagination. You can be the next booming business in town! Send us an inquiry now!


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