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Non-Surgical Arm Lift: Fix Batwing Arms Without Surgery

Non-Surgical Arm Lift: Fix Batwing Arms Without Surgery

What is an alternative to a surgical arm lift?

As people age, their skin loses elasticity.  One area that becomes of great concern to women is the arms. When arms lose tone and get flabby, they have unkindly been referred to as batwing arms because the skin hangs similarly to a bat's wing. It is especially noticeable in sleeveless shirts or sundresses. If you look forward to cooler weather so you can cover up your arms, you might have even considered surgery to tighten this skin up. Having surgery and cutting off the excess skin of your arms is not always a desirable or viable option.  The expense can be at least $5,500 and the recovery time is 1-2 weeks.  There is, however, an alternative that is much cheaper and requires no downtime or recovery at all.  The answer to a non-surgical arm lift is radio frequency treatments.

How does radiofrequency work?

Radio frequency shortens the fibers of the skin stimulating collagen and causing a trigger to the repair of the collagen. The result is firmer, lifted, tightened skin. Batwing arms can be fixed without surgery in about 8-10 treatments.  Spas and salons offer packages from $800-$1,200. And is completely pain-free!! There is no downtime at all! The treatment is actually very warm and soothing.

Is there a home remedy for bat-wing arms?

There are affordable and portable home units for under $600 that also include cavitation and vacuum therapy. This RF only portable machine is under $300.  It is also excellent for skin-tightening facials. Each painless treatment takes about an hour and there is no downtime.  In fact, the treatment is simply warm and comfortable, and very relaxing.

In order to benefit from RF treatments, you need to use radio frequency conductive gel. You will also only need about half of an hour a week. In order to get the best results, speak to someone at www.SkinCareMachines.net or 803-999-SKIN (7546) to receive free training.