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Let the Light Shine On Me! I Love My L.E.D. Lights!

Let the Light Shine On Me! I Love My L.E.D. Lights!

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a tried and true therapy for beautiful skin. It was invented in 1962 and in the 90's NASA developed LED to produce a very narrow spectrum of light, allowing for the clinical application that we enjoy in spas and salons today.

Each color emits a different wavelength and each wavelength has a different depth of penetration. At each depth, a different process takes place. Simply put, this means that you can analyze the skin condition, and then choose the appropriate color to address the concern.

  • Red is rejuvenating as it increases the production of ATP (a biochemical fuel that delivers energy to the cells for rejuvenation.)
  • Blue kills bacteria, is anti-inflammatory, and is perfect for acne or sensitive skin.
  • Yellow corrects photo-aging (premature aging from UV or sun damage).
  • And the list goes on and on and on.

Research studies have shown that modulated light has been more effective than continuous in some treatments while continuous light is good for others.

Light Therapy Can Do Anything

  • reduce pores
  • lighten dark circles,
  • delay aging
  • tighten the skin
  • reduce oil production
  • It can even treat skin conditions such as poison ivy rashes!

The best part is, you can't mess this up! Every color has benefits for the skin and there are no side effects or downtime. LED treatments produce no heat effects. It is a completely painless treatment and the benefits actually last for about a month. The results are maximized with regular use. Just like any beauty routine, your results will continue as long as you do.

LED Lights at Home

The most effective LED treatment is a consistent one. Thankfully, there are home units available to make it the easiest do-it-yourself treatment around. But how to pick one? There are actually soooo mannnyyyy lights out there. Many salons have opted for table shields or standing lamps. There are also wands, masks, and helmets, oh my! You can even get a tanning bed of LED lights to rejuvenate your whole body. Yes, please.  But don't be fooled! Manufacturers from overseas make several models that look exactly the same yet have different wattage or have a different number of lights, meaning quality can vary. It can be so confusing. You really do get what you pay for with L.E.D. therapy.

Get one here! All you need is twenty minutes a week, a place to recline, your iPod, a hyaluronic serum or mask, and you're all set for a relaxing home treatment. Results show up in about 3-4 days and continue to get better.  Any questions? Call us today at 803-999-SKIN (7546).