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It's All About That Bass! Butt Enhancement Vacuum Therapy for Your Salon

It's All About That Bass! Butt Enhancement Vacuum Therapy for Your Salon

Everyone wants a bigger booty these days.

It's just not so much about the boobies anymore. I am not saying beautiful breasts are no longer an asset, but the butt has certainly taken center stage. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have helped to bring the focus to the backside. Procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift are growing in popularity.  The procedure entails removing fat from another body area with liposuction, filtering it, then transferring it back into the butt cheeks to provide fullness and the desired round shape. Complications and cost of surgery plus the downtime (and pain) can be a deterrent for many who desire a lifted and enhanced butt. The solution? Vacuum cupping therapy! This is an affordable, no-risk, no-pain, no-downtime, no-side effects alternative.

When performing Butt Lifting Vacuum Therapy, What Happens?

The clinician first gives a type of massage with a cupping suction device that massages the fibroblasts and tissue in the client's legs (or other fatty areas) and pulls it up over the butt cheeks. Vacuum therapy is simultaneously used to help release the toxins and boost the lymphatic circulation. Often, the addition of infrared lights helps to tighten the skin. Then, large cups are placed simultaneously over each butt cheek and left there for 30 minutes. At this time, the tissue is actually being pulled and moved into place. The results are a lifted and rounder butt.

Should I get a Butt Vacuum Machine for my Salon?

In short, absolutely! The versatility of this machine is worth every single penny! This is going to give a real boost to your salon services. Once your clients fall in love with their derrière, they'll be sure to keep coming back for maintenance. And when their friends find out, they'll come too! The services that can be provided with a vacuum machine include:

  • Butt lifting and enhancement

  • Traditional breast lifting

  • Muscle stimulation and relaxation

  • Cellulite and fat breakdown

  • Toxins elimination

  • Lymphatic drainage improvement

  • Restored skin elasticity

How Long Does a Vacuum Butt Lift Last?

Well, initially, only a few days. But, as with most beauty therapies, the more you do, the longer the results will last. You can expect to notice a difference within 4 treatments, then after 12, you can switch to a maintenance schedule. The results will stop when you do.

Which Butt Lifting Vacuum Machine Should I Get?

This question is answered simply by how much you can afford to spend. Really. The range is from under $200 to over $2000. And you do get what you pay for.

Skin Dermotherapies Butt Vacuum Traditional Kit - 3The best one on the market is the Skin Dermotherapies machine. Hands down! It is extremely well made and the molded cups are very comfortable for both the technician and the client. There is a special mold for the moving of the fat and another mold designed for cellulite and toning. This can cost around $1800, but is a luxury machine! This is for spas and medical offices when only the best will do. It is made in Columbia. And Columbia knows all about beautiful butts.


A much more affordable around $460 butt lifting machine is the Hands Free machine. This is the more common butt enhancement machine found, likely due to the price point. It includes more cups than you'll likely know what to do with. They are sold everywhere. Be careful who you buy it from. Most sellers are from China and cannot offer customer service. If something breaks, you will be very frustrated.

  • 3 sets of enlarging cups,
  • 3 sets of scrubbing cups
  • 3 finger cups
  • 6 sets of facial cups for acupressure

Boot Business Game Changer

This is the non-invasive cosmetic body procedure of the decade! And people will only become more and more aware of this service and start seeking it out. Get your salon machine today and begin offering this service! At skincaremachines.net, we offer free training and a lifetime of customer support. Call us for a consultation 803-999-SKIN.