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What is the Best Conductive Gel for a Microcurrent Facial? I tried 5

What is the Best Conductive Gel for a Microcurrent Facial? I tried 5

I tried 5 Microcurrent Facial Gels

Microcurrent Facial devices require a good conductive gel. Now, you can use any ol' transmission gel, and it will send the current through your skin. But, when you are dealing with the face, you might be a little pickier like me. You might prefer a gel that is a skincare treatment and conductive gel in one. You might want to know, to really know that it is also good for you. So, I'll briefly describe my impressions of the five that I have tried.

Here's what I think:

  1. Cskin: My first impression is the color. It looks like blue jello. It is a medical grade gel (great, I want it to work) but seems a little too clinical. It didn't bother me when I used it for body treatments, but I was a little apprehensive about it going on my face. NO special ingredients to fight aging or for skin health. It worked well enough, but I did have to reapply gel several times as I felt it drying out. I really looked forward to washing off.  Just not something I liked having on my face. C+

  2. 7E Wellness Restore Conductive Gel: This is full of all that you want in a facial product. Green Tea, Neroli, Collagen Peptides, Copper, Seaweed Kelp, and Zinc Minerals. I just love that list of ingredients! However, it did lose points for sticker shock. A small 4oz. jar was a whopping $27 plus shipping. At first it doesn't sound like a lot of money until you see how much you're getting. I used it up in about 2 months of regular treatments. B

  3. Le Mieux o2 Calming Gel: This gentle gel is a treatment that does not need any rinsing. I love that I can just rub it in when I am done my treatment and I know the hyaluronic acid is doing its thing all day. It is perfect for sensitive skin as well (I have Rosacea). The ingredients are also wonderful (Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea Extract, White Tea Extract, Carrot Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract.) No parabens, no sulfates, which is great, but there is fragrance. And that is disappointing. It's a super hydrating gel, but it needed to be reapplied. The price isn't so bad at $20 for 6 oz. B+

  4. Olissa Beauty Radio-Frequency Gel: This gel has a nice viscosity, perfect for conducting microcurrent, radio frequency, galvanic and ultrasonic treatments. I barely had to reapply, but my favorite part is the age-fighting ingredients. There's a nice high percentage of Vitamin C (20%), Hyluronic Acid, D.M.A.E, Sodium Pyruvate, Organic Silica,  and Aloe Vera. My face was hydrated and glowing. At $89.95 for a big 32 oz jar, its a great price. This is 8 times the size of the number 2 product in this list. I will probably have this same jar for a year. Paraben and Sulfate Free, Made in USA. A+

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    5. Precious Wave Conductive Cream Gel:
    Not really a gel, this cream has some special ingredients as well. There's Hyaluronic Acid, Glycogen, and Plankton Extract which are all good for you. What I like best about this product is the texture. It's super satiny and lasts for a long time. There was no need to reapply, which I really like. Although this was $99.95 for 500ml, I ended up using much less in treatment than any of the other gels. Made in Italy. A++


Here are a couple of fantastic choices that will leave you with glowing, hydrated skin that is overall healthier and younger looking.