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It's Electric! EMS Machines for Body Sculpting

It's Electric! EMS Machines for Body Sculpting

EMS Machines for Body Sculpting

What does an EMS machine do?

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) can shape the body making it more toned and sculpted in about 20 minutes a few times a week.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s analyze the science and why it isn’t!

The Science:

EMS training is a gentle treatment added to gentle exercising, so there is no pain or downtime. It enhances the activation of the muscles to a level beyond exercising alone.

In fact, the results are much better and well rounded because EMS activates even the muscle parts that you are not engaging due to the lack of perfect form. When you get into a habit of poor form, some muscles stay less developed and others take over. The weaker muscles practically disengage because the work is being done by another muscle set. For example, the older we get, the less we use the glutei, leading to a flatter behind. The quads are doing more work. They compensate. This imbalance can leave the joints vulnerable to injury.

During a typical workout of most typical people, only 30% of muscle fibers are activated. Add in EMS technology, and that increases to a whopping 90%! This means a shorter and more intense workout will deliver better results.

The scientific processes of EMS:

  • Sends electrical impulses to stimulate muscle fibers in the deep tissue

  • Increases the stimulation of blood flow which boosts collagen production

  • Assists the body in the elimination of toxins

  • The stimulated contractions help the lymph system to drain.

The Benefits of Electric Muscle Stimulation, EMS

  • EMS builds muscle and raises your metabolism, while burning calories.

  • As you lose fat and build muscle, you can actually sculpt your body and cause a body composition change.

  • The increased metabolic activity causes more fat to burn and reveal the toned muscles that the EMS treatment has built.

  • The muscles that lie under the subcutaneous fat are more developed, causing more calories to burn and even more fat will be burned while in the body is in the resting state.

  • EMS takes one to the next level of fitness and body sculpting!

The Effects of EMS on Cellulite

EMS was originally used as a therapy to provide muscle rehabilitation and reverse muscle atrophy. The effects on cellulite were simply accidental.

Cellulite plagues 80-90% of all women. Although it is harmless, it is not aesthetically pleasing. The skin is lumpy and textured instead of the smooth taught appearance that we all want. It comes from fat deposits squeezing through the connective tissue beneath the epidermis. These connective fibers are structured similar to fishnet or a chain link fence, leaving lots of little holes for fat to push through. Men, on the other hand, are more fortunate. Their tissue is constructed more like a picket fence, so fat doesn’t have the same lumpy formation.

Because we store toxins in our fat cells, it is more important to eliminate the toxins to reduce the appearance of cellulite. EMS can assist this action, but several other factors must be addressed as well. Diet, genetics, hormones, alcohol, smoking and stress are all contributors to the storage of toxin in the fat cells. Non-invasive technologies such as ultrasonic fat cavitation, radio frequency, cupping, and laser light are helpful in decreasing the fat, which helps to decrease cellulite. But EMS is the one that tones the muscles while squeezing toxins out. Best of all, EMS can be used in conjunction with any or all of the above therapies.

Electric Muscle Stimulation Treatments

The most common type is a machine that looks similar to a tens unit. This machine has long wires with either a sticky pad or silicone pad set connected to both positive and negative charges. They require accurate placement on the muscle group.

  • EMS is FDA-approved for cellulite treatment
  • Shown to increased collagen
  • Results in a smoother appearance

Some spas offer EMS treatment, but we haven’t found there to be enough. Why? Well, this is definitely not the typical relaxing pampering treatment most people look for in a trip to the spa. The treatments are slightly uncomfortable, yet bearable. It feels like an electric current is going through your body because, well, it is. This is for salons offering serious body sculpting services.

The good news is that EMS machines like this one cost only a few hundred dollars and can really take your fitness routine to a whole new level. It takes only 20 minutes a few days a week.

Whether you own a salon or you’re just thinking about whether EMS is right for you, Please call us today for a free consultation at 1-803-999-SKIN.