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So You Want to Start a Body Contouring Cavitation Business

So You Want to Start a Body Contouring Cavitation Business

So You Want to Start a Body Contouring Cavitation Business

Non-invasive Body Contouring has become the fastest-growing body beauty service desired in salons and spas. Although these treatments have been offered in Europe for over 25 years, it has just now finally become sought after here in the USA. Many people are seeing this as a new business opportunity for body slimming and contouring that can be done as pain-free, with no downtime, and no recovery procedure. Often, the treatments consist of Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo Pads, and Body Vacuum therapies that slim, lift and tighten the skin. These are a great pain-free alternative to liposuction or Cool Sculpting, both of which require medical professionals. The market is huge for this business venture. So, let's get started.


What Does the Law Require for a Body Contouring Business?

The question I get asked most when someone wants to start a cavitation or body contouring business is: "What are the legal requirements for me to do this?" or "Where can I get certified to start a cavitation business?" The answer is not that simple. Every state has its own regulations. Most regulatory boards are currently unaware of the technology of cavitation and therefore, have no regulations as of this writing.  However, it is wise to acquire some kind of certification that is offered at some private schools. Some states require an esthetician's license or laser certificate of some sort while other states will require a medical professional to oversee your business. This does not mean medical staff must literally be on the premises, but you would essentially be hiring them to hang their license on your business walls.  They would be someone that you could consult. Some doctors or nurses are willing to do this for a fee just as long as they feel comfortable and confident in you and the technology.  However, Class 1 lasers often have no need for a special certificate to operate. To summarize, you will need to do your homework if you want to start a body contouring business. Please check with your state for the regulations before moving forward, as this article is not meant to give legal advice. You can begin by searching my state regulatory boards. Each machine will have a laser class code. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3B, and Class 3R are most common in cavitation machines and other body shaping equipment. Ask your retailer which class their machine is before buying. This will give you assurance that you are operating within your legal boundaries.

Which Services to Offer 

Skin Dermotherapies Butt Vacuum Traditional Kit - 2

One very important decision to make is which services you will offer.  So, you'll need to consider a few things. Who is your clientele? Who is your competition? Find out what services are being offered in your location. Then offer something else! Offer something complimentary, something new and different to stand apart. One caveat though: cavitation is still king! Everyone needs to have at least this one imperative machine to start a cavitation business because it offers the most demanded functions in body contouring: fat reduction and lymphatic drainage. Once you get this machine and the proper technique down, you can always add services to your business menu. Here are just a few of the other services to look into:

*Butt Lifting/ Breast Lifting

*Cellulite Reduction with Vacuum Therapy or Wooden Tools

*Pressotherapy- With or Without Infrared for Fat Reduction and Detoxification

*Lymphatic Drainage Massage

*Muscle Building/Toning with HiEMT or EMS

*Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency (for Body or Face)



How to Pick a Cavitation Machine

We already determined that a cavitation machine is an obvious must-have in order to start a body contouring business. That begs the question, which one to invest in? Firstly, consider your budget. You're going to want to get the best you can afford. Quality counts! There are so many imitation machines all over the internet. You will want a brand name over a generic model. Find a seller that you can talk to on the phone. You want to be sure that their customer service is excellent.  Do they call back? Do they reply to emails or texts in a timely manner? These are important talking points.  Keep in mind that depending on which machine, you could make your money back in only a single customer's contract. Usually, a contracted package is a minimum of 12 sessions. At $100-$150 per session, your first customer will yield a $1200-$1800 income. After that, it’s all gravy (no fat pun intended).

Now, there are tons of machines out there with lots of extra functions and what I call overkill.  All you really need is the ultrasonic cavitation head, a radio frequency head, and a vacuum.  That's the basics.  Most machines already come with all three. The most common bonus feature is the laser lipolysis paddles. Many have a few sizes of radio frequency handles so that you can do the face and smaller body parts as well.

Many machines are sold with many more functions. There are two schools of thought on this: 1. More is not always better.  2. I want to try all of the functions that I can get and incorporate them into my routine. Let's look at the first philosophy. Too many functions in a machine means more can go wrong. I would rather have a few simpler machines than one complex one. If ever there is a problem, I don't want to wait for repairs; I want to keep on working while it is being repaired. So, I don't suggest you count on one machine for everything. Another consideration is that while you are working on one function, another machine can be working on another. For example, cold laser paddles or Ruby Laser Lipo Paddles on a multi-function machine will not operate while you are using any other function. Each function operates consecutively, not concurrently. I recommend that you start with a simpler machine and then add other machines for better quality control and to keep you from being at the mercy of only one machine. Now, if you were agreeing with the second thought, and want all you can get, I will say this: That is a fair consideration, and I agree that the deal is better with an 8 or 9-feature machine than say 6 different machines. And why not try them all at once?  This all goes back to your budget and which services you want to add. Either way, you will eventually want to get a backup machine anyway.

cavitation 40k vacuum rf multipolarWhat could go wrong? Well, anything! Cavitation machines are electronics after all. That means anything can go wrong and it’s not easily fixed in a minute. There are lots of little wires in the machine and especially if your machine is portable, moving it around could cause something to get loose. It is recommended to find a home (cart) for your machine and keep it there. However, if the motherboard goes bad or something else needs to be repaired, you don't want to interrupt your clients' series by waiting until it is made right. Most machines come with a one or two-year warranty. A reputable seller will promptly replace or repair your machine. Ask if they provide this service. The handles and screens are considered consumables and will need to be replaced occasionally. With good care, you can avoid this expense.

Next, you need to decide which frequency you want. The power considerations, in decreasing order, are 40K, 30K, and 27K (most powerful). These parameters tell you how low the ultrasonic frequency is, and the lower the frequency, the stronger the power. 40K is the most common frequency. I think most people understandably think the higher number is stronger. That is simply false. A 30K is stronger than a 40K! And 27K is stronger than 30K but is reserved for medical professionals. The market is flooded with 40K cavitation machines and that is why most businesses have it. And there is nothing wrong with that. Most schools also teach on a 40K machine, so most estheticians feel comfortable with the same. Select a 40K or 30K. Here are some of my favorites!

PRO TIP: Look for a machine with synergistic handles. I can’t believe I almost forgot to reveal this amazing feature in some machines. It allows for two functions at the same time, saving almost half of the time of a traditional treatment! Look for machines like the S Shape Cavitation Machine.

Location Location Location

Today, there are so many more options for starting your own cavitation business than just opening up an entire spa or salon, which is a huge undertaking. I am going to suggest three simpler ideas here. The first option is leasing a suite. Popping up everywhere, these individual suites are for rent in strip malls and old office buildings. These buildings offer a single room to stylists and beauticians of all kinds. They lease either week to week or month to month. They have an appeal because of privacy (only one client can come at a time) and maintenance (the building manager handles all the stuff.) The second option is a home-based salon. You can turn an area of your home into a studio. Just check with your township for any registration regulations. Finally, my personal favorite option is a mobile salon. If this is your plan, you will need to be sure to have a large enough transport to take your supplies including a massage table. This is a little more work, but if you have a clientele wanting home visits, they will pay very well for the privilege of staying home!

What to Charge for a Cavitation Treatment

This is the absolute most common question I get asked when someone is considering a body contouring business. Here is how I respond: What is your space like? Do you have a medical spa atmosphere, or are you working in the back of a nail salon? Your location, your clientele, and your atmosphere will determine what you can charge for your services. You feel me? Again, I say to look at your competition. Find out who in your area is charging what, and then formulate your prices from there.

Call a Consultant Today

If you are considering beginning your own body contouring business, call us today at 803-999-SKIN for a consultation to help you select the best machines to get you started. This business is as customizable as your imagination. You can be the next booming business in town! Send us an inquiry now!