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LED Light Therapy for Glowing Skin

LED Light Therapy for Glowing Skin

Do I Need LED Light Therapy?

The fastest and easiest skin rejuvenation treatment is LED light therapy.  This facial treatment addresses skin issues from acne, scars, age spots, sun damage, wrinkles, and more.  Every age, men and women alike, can benefit from LED.

As skin ages and experiences the damaging effects of weather, oxidation, and free radicals, healthy skin cells are no longer able to renew themselves as they once did.  Eventually, the result is sagging loose skin. There are two proteins that support the structure of skin: collagen and elastin. By increasing the natural production of these proteins, you can essentially reverse some of the effects of the damage.  Wrinkles and fine lines are diminished; the skin is lifted and toned.  You can improve your overall complexion by encouraging the cells to work for you as they once did when you were a kid!

LED facials are not just for those seeking to look younger.  They are also excellent  for the treatment of acne afflicted skin types as well.  LED photon therapy kills bacteria in the skin, resulting in a clear and clean complexion.  This facial is literally for EVERYBODY!


Does LED Light Therapy Really Work?

The LED (light emitting diodes) communicate with your light reacting skin cells.  The cells use the light as an energy source with which they repair damaged cells, boost collagen production, accelerate tissue repair, kill bacteria, limit melanin production, soothe Rosacea, etc.   In as little as one session, there is a positive noticeable difference on your skin from LED light therapy.  However, the effects are maximized when part of a regular routine.  

It also gives the complexion an illuminating and brightening effect.  Each wavelength reaches a depth and causes a different reaction.  A few examples of these reactions are plumped skin, destroyed bacteria that causes acne, receded broken capillaries, or disrupted melanin production.

As treatments are continued, the results are long-lasting.  Treatments can be combined with ultrasonic exfoliation, microcurrent, microneedling, and radio-frequency facials.  Effects are maximized when used in combination of these other treatments.

What Can I Expect from an LED Light Treatment?

Because this treatment is non invasive, LEd facials are completely pain free.  The experience is pleasant and calming.  You can just close your eyes, although many salons offer eye protection goggles.  There is no UV light, so you will not risk getting a tan from LED.  As treatments are continued, the results are long-lasting. Using light in your facial effectively calms irritated skin, so you'll look better immediately.

Prior to applying the lights, the skin should be cleaned and the pores should be opened with either steam or a hot hammer.  The appropriate lights for your individual skin issues are then applied for 20 minutes.  Light therapy will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.  Treatments can be combined with ultrasonic exfoliation, microcurrent, microneedling, and radio-frequency facials for maximum results.  In most spas, you can expect LED facials to run between $125-$195.  Results are immediate but in three days, they are significant.  If you have an event, plan a few days out.

Can I Do Light Therapy at Home?

There are several options of light therapy devices that can be used at home.  Be careful to choose lights that have less than 700nm (nanometers) for the most effective treatment.  Some devices are handheld, while others fit over the face for an easier application.   Our favorite is this one.  It combines LED with microcurrent for firmer tighter skin.   If you want to cover more surface area, this one forms a tent over the face area but can also be set over other body parts easily.  There are large full body lamps as well as entire LED beds available as well.

How Often Can I Use LED Light Therapy?

Although LED will yield immediate results for glowing skin, LED should be used consistently to keep skin healthy and radiant.  Results continue to improve throughout the week.  If you have a home LED machine at home, you can use it a few minutes daily or use it longer (20minutes) only once per week. 

We at www.SkinCareMachine.net offer comprehensive customer service to get you started at home or in your salon.  You receive free training with your purchase.  Call us today!