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Frown Lines Talk

Frown Lines Talk

What do frown lines say about you?  Do you look worried?  Angry?  Stressed out?  The most noticeable lines on the face when talking with someone are the lines between the brows.  Over time they can deepen, and even when we're relaxed, we can look worried, stressed, and even angry.  It's a sure sign that youth has slipped away.  That's not what we want.  We want to appear relaxed, happy, and confident.  And younger.  This means furrowed brows or frown lines are the most important wrinkles to deal with.  Frown lines are even more annoying even above crow's feet and parenthesis lines.  We'll deal with those later!   How do you take care of a furrowed brow? 

One way to deal with them is with Botox injections which could yield unwanted side effects in the way of a frozen expression.  No one wants to have a blank expression or a shiny flat forehead, which is equally noticeable.  A non-chemical option is the ever-growing popular microcurrent treatment.

Microcurrent treats frown lines with an electrical current at a very low concentration to stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin's elasticity.  It repairs and conditions the skin back to health which helps it to foster better absorption of skin care products.   Another benefit is the increase in amino acid production and Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP.  This biochemical fuel delivers energy to each of your cells and rejuvenates them.

Microcurrent can smooth frown lines or furrowed brows by using the current to lengthen muscles that have contracted too much due to years of holding facial expressions.    Microcurrent treatments lengthen and shorten your muscles, which lifts and firms the skin.  Regular facial massage also helps to circulate the muscles and soften the face.

Microcurrent treatment gives immediate results.  However, they are temporary; they will need to be maintained.  The most effective routine is a regular routine.  Applying short treatments performed on a daily basis is more effective than having longer treatments done occasionally.  Frown lines can be addressed in only one minute a day using a microcurrent home unit such as the ones found at SkinCareMachines.net.

We at SkinCareMachine.net offer comprehensive customer service to get you started at home or in your salon.  You receive free training with your purchase.  Call us today!