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Can you do a micro-current facial at home?

Can you do a micro-current facial at home?

The fastest growing facial treatment in spas and salons today is the anti-aging micro-current facial.  This therapy was once developed to treat patients with Bell’s Palsy and stroke victims in the late 1980’s.  It’s effectiveness on muscle stimulation has now, naturally found its place in the beauty industry.  Sagging muscles can be lifted and put back in place.  This type of facial gives coveted results and it does so without the pain of surgery or the downtime of recovery.  And the results begin immediately!  Don't be surprised if you get puzzled looks from friends followed by, "You look different, what are you doing?"  or if they are honest, they'll admit, "You look great!"

In a micro-current facial, the facial muscles undergo training in the same way as, let's say abs respond to a hundred crunches or the buttocks to a thousand squats.  Now, just like our bodies don’t stay in shape after one good workout, neither do these facial muscles.  Anyone who knows about fitness knows the muscles should be worked routinely for the best results. You must maintain those facial muscles even after you’ve done a course of regular treatments.  But, just like donning six pack abs, or a tight end,  it is soooooooo worth it!  So, how many treatments do you need?  Well, its not really as simple as a number.  Its a lifestyle just like going to the gym.  As long as you are mixing it into your beauty regimen, you will be happy.  Muscles eventually relax again if neglected.  So, what's the answer?  You have two choices.  You could schedule regular micro-current facials on a weekly or monthly basis at your local beauty salon, or you can get a home unit and give  yourself micro-current facials.  After all, who knows your face better than you?

If you choose to do a micro-current facial yourself, you will need to understand how to manipulate the muscles in your face.   You have the ability to lengthen, shorten, or lift the muscles.  The micro-current wands are available in several configurations.  They vary in style and size for every area.  The most common probe is a set of cigar shaped figures that you place on the face or body to complete a circuit of electricity that stimulates the muscles.  You hold them along a single muscle  for six seconds at a time.  If you slowly bring the wands together, the muscle shortens and plumps.  Alternatively, you can elongate round cheek muscles by spreading the probes away from each other.  Need a brow lift?  Straddle the smaller forked probe over the eyebrow in the position you would like it shaped.  Hold it for 6 seconds.  Repeat twice.

The benefit of doing it at home is certainly financially advantageous.  A set of 6 treatments can cost $600.00 or more in a spa or salon.  A home unit can pay for itself in less than one course of treatments.  Another advantage for the home user is that it saves time.  You can fit in a few treatments throughout the week in the specific areas you need attention.  There is no travel time and no need to coordinate an appointment.  It can all be done at your convenience in the privacy of your bedroom.  Your new routine need only include about 20 minutes, twice a week.   The result is a firmer, lifted, more youthful you.

At skincaremachines.net, we offer many different options to do your own micro-current facials.  Or, if you own a spa or salon, we have options for you too!