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What is Pressotherapy?

What is Pressotherapy?


Pressotherapy is a special type of massage that is done by machine instead of manually, that is also known as lymphatic drainage therapy or lymphatic drainage massage. This massage therapy stimulates your lymphatic system by compressing and decompressing specific parts of your body, forcing the system to get rid of toxins and excess liquid retention. This results in the body reducing fat more easily and decreasing inflammation. The other benefits of pressotherapy are improved blood circulation and reduction of cellulite. The procedure is relaxing and convenient. There is no downtime or discomfort. So how does it work?


Similar to how the blood is carried through the human body through the circulatory system, the lymph (white blood cells, fats, debris, bacteria, and toxins) is carried through the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is healthy and working efficiently, the whole body functions better. On the other hand, when it isn't functioning properly, it can affect our blood supply, and cause swelling, pain, constipation, and even cellulite.

The use of pressotherapy stimulates the lymphatic system with compression and decompression while improving blood circulation. The health benefits of therapeutic massage are known throughout the health and wellness industry and have been at the forefront of most spas. Manual manipulation of muscles by a massage therapist stimulates the lymphatic system. An alternative is a pressotherapy device or a compression suit that can be used in spas or health clinics or even in the comfort and convenience of one's own home.

Pressotherapy equipment or a compression suit consists of sleeves to be placed over the various limbs and core. They are connected to the central unit which controls the pressure by pumping air into the suit. Some devices have multiple programs and varying pressure control.

In addition to the health benefits of removing toxins, reducing liquid, increasing circulation, and relaxation and recovery, there are beauty benefits as well. The side effects of compression suits are weight loss and diminished cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage pressotherapy is useful for those suffering from cellulite, varicose veins, rheumatism, blood circulation problems, and increased liquid retention, as well as exhausted muscles and tired legs. It is a great way to increase your blood circulation, get rid of body and muscle pain, and detoxify your body by getting rid of the toxins and unnecessary liquid that your body holds.

When the additional technology of infrared lights is added to such a suit, the benefits include anti-aging, a boosted immune system, a decrease in pain, and lowered blood pressure. The most desired effect is weight loss, specifically fat loss. A compression suit with infrared light is also known as a sauna suit. The effects of wearing a sauna suit are similar to exercising. The body temperature is increased, sweating is produced, and according to the Mayo Clinic, many chronic health conditions are positively affected. Diabetes, heart conditions, Alzheimer's, arthritis, and blood pressure are a few that have shown good results.

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