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NEWEST CavStorm Extra 3.0 40K Body Contouring Cavitation Radio Frequency Machine with BIO Photon Paddles

$2,299.00 $5,196.00

Cavitation 3.0–A Whole New Technology Innovation & Upgrading

CavStorm uses an advanced and strong sound wave head that concentrates sound waves at a frequency of 40,000HZ. As sound waves enter the human body, human cells produce an attack effect and movement between fat cells. This process can effectively consume energy, consume cell water, decrease fat cells, and at the same time, CavStorm causes the fat cells to rupture, and fat cell reduction, which is then eliminated through the metabolic channels.

5 Advantages of CavStorm

1. New Ultrasonic Transducer: The head was redesigned to cause the power to transmit through the entire area instead of one central point.

2. Stronger Power: The redesigned head reduces working time and improves efficiency of the treatment.

3. Work Efficiency Handles: High-quality and energy-saving handle materials to reduce the energy loss rate.

4. Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe: Duo function vacuum accumulates fatty cellulite, and then cavitation will maximize concentrated fat blasting.

5. Storm Bio & Photon: Red Photon promotes metabolism and activates cells; Bio open the meridians and acupoints for more effective shaping treatment.

Tips Before Using

When you purchase a machine through SkinCare Machines, you will be given tips to enhance your business service and treatment effects. A virtual training is offered via Zoom.

Technical Specifications

Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe Ultrasound Cavitation 3.0 Frequency: 40KHz Power:100W

Storm Vacuum & RF Probe RF Frequency:5MHz Power:100W Suction Vacuum: <-80kPa Pressure: >250kPa Air flow: >10L/minute Noise level: <70dB (30cm away) Power:20W

Storm Bio & Photon Red light: 65W 75mw / cm2 Microcurrent Bio Frequency:1.5K

Packing List

1x Main Machine 1x Storm Vacuum & Cavi Probe 1x Storm Vacuum & RF Probe 6x Storm Bio & Photon Pads 2x Filter 1x Power Cord 2x Fuse 1x Set Holder 1x Set Belt

1x (pack)Filter Cotton