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Infrared Body Slimming Suit / Sauna Blanket

$1,374.00 $1,599.00

Infrared Body Slimming Suit / Sauna Blanket

The Infrared Sauna Suit is a slimming machine that is also known as the human body “scavenger”.   This sauna blanket addresses the circulatory system of the body in order to achieve detoxification, slimming, and endocrine regulation. This detox suit is easy to operate. Every salon needs this easy add on service that is excellent for boosting a special diet or detox. This is the best treatment to prepare your client for a special event. This is the trade secret of bikini contestants and fitness competitors.

Sauna blankets and suits are not just for weight loss. There are medical and health benefits as well. They have shown to have a good effect on dizziness, headaches, neurasthenia, high cholesterol, waist and leg pain due to the nervous system, the blood system, digestive system and secretion disorders, as well as constipation due to mental stress and full psychosis and menopause issues.


  1. 36 V safety voltage
  2. Advanced ultrasonic technology to ensure that each airbag tightens properly to be effective
  3. Large digital tube synchronously act on each step of operations, the operation is simple, convenient and clear control.  The digital technology, timing, orientation, positioning, there will be constant pressure on all levels
  4. 24 chambers close to body parts, achieving double efficiency in the process.  Local or systemic use, single  or double use, can be operated simultaneously.
  5. The air suit made up from special fire retardant material that is durable and easy to clean.

Physical therapy effect

1. Improves the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine. 2. Enhanced cell potential film and to improve and slow organ aging (such as: kidney, gastrointestinal disorders) 3. Breast massage: treatment of lobular hyperplasia. 4. Eliminate constipation Slim (to improve obesity).

Technical parameters

Voltage: 110V/120V-220V/240V Frequency: 50 Hz – 60Hz Power: less than or equal to 40W Electric current:300mA Material: ABS