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Compression Lymphatic Drainage Detox Suit

$1,044.00 $1,399.00

Compression Lymphatic Drainage Detox Suit

Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage therapy or lymphatic drainage massage, stimulates your lymphatic system by compressing and decompressing a specific part of your body. This treatment assists the body in ridding the toxins and excess liquid. It helps reduce fluid retention, and increases blood circulation. Best of all, this treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The health of our lymphatic system is necessary for optimum elimination of  bacteria, toxins, fluid, and fat through the body’s metabolism. It is responsible for a healthy digestive system. When lymphatic drainage is not working optimally, the stress and toxins will take a toll on our health. The build up of toxins can be evidenced with painful swelling.

The answer is pressotherapy. This technology compresses the various body parts, stimulating and increasing the function of your lymphatic drainage and circulatory system. The experience is muscle relaxing and the results are similar to massage therapy, but without the inconvenience, expense, and time consuming task of hiring a massage therapist.

This large suit goes over the individual body parts which are each controlled through the settings. Air is pumped into the suit, creating pressure and massages the body. This pressure encourages the fluid to move through the lymphatic channels so the body can eliminate them safely.

Pressotherapy is a great tool for weight loss; toxin build up deters fat loss and increases cellulite appearance.


1.  36V safety voltage for the machine. 2. Advanced ultrasonic welding technology, to ensure that each airbag tight suture 3. Large digital tube synchronously act on each mode of operation, the operation is simple and convenient.  The digital technology, timing, orientation, positioning, constant pressure to do light, heavy, fast, slow humanized selection modes. 4. 24 groups chambers close to body parts, achieving double efficiency in the process.  Local or systemic use, single occupancy or double use; can be operated simultaneously. 5. The air suit made up from special fire retardant material is durable and easily cleaned.

Physical Therapy Effect

1. Improve the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine. 2. Enhanced cell potential film and to improve and slow organ aging (such as: kidney, gastrointestinal disorders) 3. Breast massage: treatment of lobular hyperplasia. 4. Eliminate constipation.5. Slim (to improve local obesity).


Voltage: 110V/120V~220V/240V Frequency:50 Hz or 60Hz Power:<300W Safe voltage output:36V Heat output:30-65 Material:ABS

Package Includes

1. Host 1 2. Power line 1 3. Gallon power line 2 bags 4. Hand balloon 2 5. Waist balloon 1 6. Leg balloon 2 7. Feet balloon 2 8. Instruction 1