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LED vs Radio Frequency Which One Should I Use?

LED vs Radio Frequency Which One Should I Use?

With our obsession to remain youthful we are always looking for the most effective way to keep looking our best.  Lifestyle has as much to do with a youthful appearance as do the treatments that you receive.  It is important to remember that a common sense healthy diet, 64 Oz of water or more a day, combined with a proper exercise regiment to elevate your heart rate will go a long way in keeping Father Time at bay.

There are so so many choices to consider and questions to ask when deciding on anti-aging treatments.

  1. Is there downtime?
  2. How much time is needed for the treatments?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. What is the end result?
  5. What is the maintenance?

We will compare two of the most common methods for anti-aging, their benefits, their advantages, and disadvantages ... LED Light Therapy and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening.

 LED Light Therapy Advantages

LED is a relaxing, completely painless, inexpensive treatment that can easily be done at home. LED can be combined with virtually any other treatment. Using the light receptors in skin cells, the light waves target specific depths of skin so that different conditions are addressed. Photo rejuvenation sessions stimulate new collagen formation by delivering pulses of light to the skin.  After a series of these sessions, the new collagen produces healthier, younger-looking skin. In addition to improving coarse, rough skin with enlarged pores, photo rejuvenation sessions reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, including fine wrinkles, freckles, and irregular, pigmentation. Some people with Rosacea are even able to decrease or discontinue their medications.

Photo Rejuvenation is the ultimate low downtime procedure, which is ideal for active people who do not want to take time off from their business and social functions. While laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, and facelift are all effective for aging skin, photo rejuvenation sessions are superior to these procedures in reducing redness, flushing, and dilated capillaries, as well as diminishing brown age spots.

For fine lines, age spots, broken capillaries to enlarged pores, coarse skin, mottled pigmentation, it reduces the signs of aging while restoring a highly satisfactory youthful smoothness.

  1. Is there downtime? NO
  2. How much time is needed for the treatments? 20 Minutes Per Week or 5 Minutes Per Day
  3. How much does it cost? Salon Facials estimate $100-150
  4. What is the end result? Healthy, Clear, and More Even and More Toned Skin
  5. What is the maintenance? Weekly or Daily; the More you Keep up, the Better the Result

Radio Frequency (RF) Advantages

Radio Frequency is a more powerful anti-aging tool for dramatic results. While LED is a luxurious and easy treatment, RF technology is for more clinical results for those who need a little more help with firmness and tightening. Because of the targeted treatment, you can actually sculpt the face. The lifting and tightening effects are noticeable from the very first treatment and improve with every treatment.

Radio Frequency technology delivers focused energy achieving better and faster results. It provides subtle and immediate results achieved over several sessions. This gradual approach allows you to return quickly to work or your daily activities without a recovery period.  It also eliminates any discomfort and the likelihood of side effects.

  1. Is there downtime? NO
  2. How much time is needed for the treatments? 30-40 Minutes
  3. How much does it cost? Salon Facials estimate Est. $150
  4. What is the end result? Firmer, Tighter, More Youthful Skin Tone
  5. What is the maintenance? Every Two Weeks for  10 Sessions, then Once a Month

Here is a list of both LED and RF benefits:

  1. Promotes Collagen Production
  2. Increases Oxygenation and Moisture
  3. Increases Skin Firmness From Within
  4. Accelerates Skin Repair
  5. No downtime- No Pain
  6. Improvement is noticeable after the First Session
  7. Smoother skin and More Even Tone
  8. Fewer Treatment Sessions
  9. Applicable for All Skin Types
  10. Accelerates Skin Repair

Ultimately your needs will determine your choice.  If you are under 40 and desire clearer skin with more even coloring, and just want to prevent aging effects, LED light therapy is an easy choice. If you are over 40 and need more help with the texture and laxicity, and have more sagging, then Radio Frequency is  a more powerful option.

If you like taking the time to get facials, and you regularly pamper yourself, then you can indulge in the LED. However, if you are looking for less fuss, then RF facials on a monthly maintenance schedule won't disappoint.

Basically, what I have told my customers over the years is that, if you are trying to maintain your youthful appearance, an LED machine like our 7 in 1 Photon Microcurrent Machine is perfect for keeping your skin beautiful and youthful with no downtime. If you are mature and need to turn back time, then RF facial machines are the better direction. And if you need a lot of help, then HIFU is where you want to look next!

If you want our professional opinion on which machine is best for you, please call us today at 803-999-7546.