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Icy Blue Hydra Dermabrasion with Skin Analyzer

$1,499.95 $1,999.95

This machine does it all!

  • Skin Analysis
  • Ion Hydradermabrasion
  • Radio Frequency
  • Ultrasonic Massage
  • Skin Scrubber
  • Atomizing Oxygen
  • Cold Hammer

Digital screen

Panoramic optical smart skin detection: ♦ Adopting hemispherical panoramic advanced design, intelligent skin optical sensing analysis component ♦ 10-megapixel 2cm macro camera, fine to pores, image acquisition completed in 8-12 seconds

Through the three-spectrum irradiation of the skin, accurately analyze various skin problems:

♦Natural light: pores / wrinkles / elasticity / texture

♦Cross-polarized light: stains / capillaries

♦Ultraviolet light: sebum / bolin / stain

Eight-dimensional skin measurement Accurate diagnosis:
  • Moisture
  • oil content
  • roughness
  • sensitivity
  • acne
  • stains
  • pores
  • wrinkles.

Features: ♦ Multi-device real-time interconnection, mobile APP control ♦ Face registration, diagnosis result storage cloud ♦ Comprehensive fixed-point detection, covering 99.9% of the face ♦ Visual reports to improve the efficiency of interpretation ♦ Private customized beauty care plan, related products in store